Name Change Announcement - Audiovisual to IT Media Services

Attention GC Community,

We are proud to announce that we have changed the name of our Audiovisual unit to IT Media Services. This unit is now being managed by Mr. H. Anthony Olavarria.

The decision to change our name is one step in the process of creating more visibility to this unit and reflects the evolution of the AV industry, as we expand our services and activities. The name change should also be perceived as an opportunity to make a new and fresh start and to focus more on streamlining our business processes and workflow.

As of Monday July 3rd, our current phone number 212.817.7330 will redirect everyone to IT Services at 212.817.7300 and work orders will be created for all technical issues, including classroom support. We will continue to move ahead with confidence, knowing that we are providing the same high level of IT service support that our users are accustomed to.
Even though we are changing our name, the service, support, and long term commitment towards our users and stakeholders will remain unchanged and continue to improve in the upcoming months. IT Media Services will continue to operate in its current structure and your individual contacts will remain unchanged.

All requests related to upcoming events, need to be submitted to and we will continue to collaborate closely with Special Events, Facilities, and Room Reservations.

Information Technology

Submitted on: AUG 17, 2017

Category: IT - Alerts