Krack Attack Advisory

As you may have read this week, a major security flaw was discovered that can allow a hacker to intercept and read WIFI traffic that was previously considered to secure using an exploit called KRACK. The WPA2 encryption standard, which was considered the most secure personal and enterprise encryption method, is susceptible to eavesdropping unless the client is patched/updated.

Graduate Center has installed all of the required updates to re-secure our systems. However that only secures the information we broadcast to you. Every campus WIFI user must install any patches that are being supplied by Android, Apple, and Windows, as well as any firmware updates for your mobile devices. Please note that those patches are sometimes only available for relatively new versions of the operating systems. Thus, older versions of Android (v6 and below), iOS (v6 and below), Windows (below v7) and MacOS (v10.11 and below) may never get a fix.

Information Technology

Submitted on: NOV 10, 2017

Category: IT - Alerts | IT - Announcement