President’s Update: Modified Work Arrangements to Address Needs

Dear Graduate Center Colleagues,
In light of the current public health situation, CUNY has issued new guidelines regarding modified work arrangements that meet our business continuity needs and the needs of our people. Starting today, supervisors are to work with their teams to determine how work will continue in ways that are safe and effective for everyone. The options, as outlined by CUNY, include flexible scheduling and telecommuting.
Flexible scheduling includes changing the start and end times of an employee’s normal daily schedule, or arranging a condensed work week — the same number of hours per workweek or pay period, but in fewer days.

Telecommuting may also be appropriate, based on the nature of an employee’s work and needs.
Managers need to communicate clear work expectations to staff members who are working remotely and to document the work arrangements they establish. CUNY has provided detailed information on modified work arrangements.
CUNY is allowing federal work-study students to work remotely where possible. For more information please contact the Office of Financial Aid at
CUNY provides a number of technology tools and services that support remote teaching and learning. You will find a comprehensive FAQ on CUNY’s IT resources on the University’s coronavirus website.
Managers with questions about staffing plans and policies may reach out to David Boxill, executive director of human resources, at
Please remember to check The Graduate Center’s coronavirus website ( and CUNY’s coronavirus website ( for regular updates.
We understand that this is a trying time for everyone at CUNY. You are in our thoughts, and I thank you for your ongoing support and commitment during this unprecedented public health situation.
We will continue to share new information on this changing and challenging situation as soon as it becomes available.
James Muyskens
Interim President

Submitted on: MAR 12, 2020

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