TIAA Webinar - Market Volatility

TIAA Webinar - Market Volatility

If you want to learn about measures to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long term returns, please read the attached notices and visit the TIAA website.  
On March 25, 2020, TIAA presented a webinar on the current market environment.  Given the current market volatility,  this  webinar should be a “must see” for anyone participating in the TIAA retirement plan(s) and we encourage you to take the time to view it.  The webinar is available for viewing for the next 30 days and may be accessed as follows.  

  1. Go to, “The webinar Lounge”, login using your secure login or if you don’t have one, sign in as a guest.  
  2. Once in the webinar lounge, click “On Demand Webinars” located in the upper right (in Yellow.)
  3. Click “Launch” next to the March 25th Webinar – Global lookout:  When is it safe to come out?

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