Dear Graduate Center Community:

Some of the Graduate Center community members reported receiving phishing emails. It is a fraudulent or malicious attempt to collect personal information. Do not respond, click any link in it, or provide personal information. See Phishing & Suspicious Email for more tips. If you need help, contact the IT Services.
Phishing Email Text:
Sample 1:
Subject: Action Required!
This mail is to notify all students and staff  that we will be carrying out an email validation exercise. We will need you to confirm that your account is still in use, please click here  []in order to keep your account active.

Sample 2:
Subject: Validate your email!
This Email is to notify all staff, students and alumni of The City University of New York that there will be an upgrade on our Email Services. Validate your Email []to confirm that it is still in use.
Note: All Unused emails will be permanently closed.
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Submitted on: JAN 21, 2021

Category: IT - Alerts