Four-Day Workweek – Summer 2021

  1. The University shall continue the four-day summer workweek which shall be applicable to the Central Office and to all of the colleges of the University Colleges shall be given the option to decline to participate.
  2. The period of the four-day schedule shall be from a date in June through a date in August of each year. The Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Management shall determine the exact dates for each year. A college may request a variance from those dates, and the request shall be submitted to the Office of Human Resources Management.
  3. For participating colleges, the four-day summer workweek shall be offered to all employees. Colleges may request exemptions for particular classes or categories of employees; such requests shall be made to the Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Management.
    1. A college may extend the work day for its clerical, administrative, and non-teaching instructional staff employees to 8¾ hours from Monday through Thursday and close on Friday. At the option of the college, the lunch hour may be reduced to either 45 or 30 minutes for all employees opting for the four-day week.
    2. Employees who do not wish or are unable to work the extended schedule shall be given the option of working four regular days and charging the fifth day to annual leave.
    3. In addition, if both a college and an employee agree, another option is available. The employee may work 32 hours each week, and the three-hour per week difference will be charged initially to compensatory time, but the participating employees would be able to restore such time by working during the course of the academic year at times specified by the college, after consultation with the employee.
  5. For employees, such as custodial staff or counselors not in the HEO titles, who work a week other than the standard 35-hour week, a similar approach, with appropriate adjustments for the number of hours in the workweek, is to be followed.
  6. Personnel Officers shall discuss individual problems with staff members and seek resolutions that balance individual needs and institutional needs.

Submitted on: MAY 20, 2021

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