Managing the Transition to In-Person Work


The Office of Human Resources is pleased to offer a series of workshops to support Graduate Center employees as they prepare to return to in-person work in August. 
In our upcoming “Transition Workshops,” we will give you more information and answer your questions about the new CUNY Flexible Work Guidelinesand the Remote Work Agreements that are due on July 15. 
Below, you can register for workshops for managers, and employees. All workshops will be held on Zoom, and we encourage you to attend. 
To help employees manage the anxiety that understandably accompanies the transition to in-person work, we have planned a workshop, “Managing Stress as We Return to Work: Practicing Resiliency During Times of Transition,” that will be hosted by our Employee Assistance Program vendor, CCA, on Tuesday, July 13. You will have the opportunity to discuss specific challenges and get advice for coping with uncertainty and anxiety. Learn more and register below.
Transition Workshops
Wednesday, July 7:
Monday, July 12:
Wednesday, July 14:
Thursday, July 15:
Managing Stress as We Return to Work: Practicing Resiliency During Times of Transition   
Employees are invited to join this one-hour workshop, led by the Graduate Center’s employee assistance program, CCA, where they can 
  • Discuss common reactions related to returning to in-person work, including anticipatory anxiety
  • Explore specific challenges, feelings, and changes in behavior due to uncertainty  
  • Discuss how to rely on one’s strengths and resilience to navigate through the uncertainty  
  • Review coping strategies that participants can use during this transition 
Please email us at with any questions you have about the workshops or the Remote Work Agreements.


Submitted on: JUN 29, 2021

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