Information for Faculty

We are committed to meeting the teaching and research needs of our faculty while also creating a safe and supportive environment.

CUNY has announced a plan for returning to in-person workCUNY has announced that it is planning for mostly in-person instruction and support services for fall 2021.

To access our 365 Fifth Avenue campus, faculty and staff must follow our Building Entry Policy. The Advanced Science Research Center has separate facility entry policies. Information about the ventilation systems can be found on the Facilities Information page


Resources for Remote Instruction

We continue to strive to serve our students the best we can through world-class instruction. If you need assistance for remote instruction, please refer to Teaching and Learning Center's Guide to Remote Teaching. Technology to assist remote instruction can be found through CUNY's IT Resources for Remote Work and Teaching, as well as The Graduate Center's Office of Information Technology.

CUNY has provided a Faculty Related Academic Continuity Guidance page. Faculty who have questions about planning their online courses should contact the Provost's Office

Research Services

Remotely, The Graduate Center will assist faculty conducting research in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, where possible. Research services, such as tools through the Mina Rees Library, are available online, and spaces at Graduate Center facilities will reopen as soon as it is safely possible.

Note that faculty are allowed at 365 Fifth provided they follow the Building Entry Policy, and the Advanced Science Research Center has a detailed plan to ramp up research

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