Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Masks and/or face coverings must be worn inside The Graduate Center at all times, except in closed private offices (when occupied only by assignee) and for as little time as possible while eating, drinking, or changing mask/face coverings when needed. Additional common PPE used to protect employees and others includes face shields, gloves and glasses.

  • Acceptable face coverings (PPE) must be worn any time individuals come within 6 feet of another person who does not reside in the same household:
    • Acceptable face coverings include, but are not limited to, cloth (e.g. homemade sewn, quick cut, bandana), surgical masks, KN95 and N95 respirators without vents, and face shields.
    • Personnel must review the proper way to put on, take off, clean, and discard required PPE (masks and/or face coverings). Face coverings should be cleaned by the user or replaced after use or when damaged or soiled, may not be shared, and should be properly stored or discarded.
    • Personnel may want to wear gloves when cleaning, using shared objects or frequently touched surfaces. Wash hands before and after using gloves.
    • Follow CDC guidance for additional information on cloth face coverings and other types of PPE, as well as instructions on use and cleaning. https://www.cdc.cov/coronavirus/2109-ncov/downloads/cloth-face-covering.pdf.

Graduate Center Supplies


The Graduate Center will provide acceptable masks and gloves if anyone needs them while in the building.

As of August 2020, The Graduate Center has ‚Äč3,000 masks and 3,000 pairs of gloves in inventory. Per the Supplemental Guidelines for Safe Campus Reopening, Section 3, The Graduate Center has projected PPE demand for masks for faculty, staff, and students for each phase per the reopening policy. Similarly, the number of gloves has been estimated by the number of classrooms, number of restrooms, number of public spaces in need of deep cleaning and the frequency of cleaning.

The Graduate Center’s Director of Purchasing communicates with Facilities, Public Safety and other areas to ensure they have the necessary PPE and that they maintain a 30-day supply at minimum of PPE. Additionally, the campus’s Business Office will continue to maintain a six-month supply of PPE in the Business Office to ensure that The Graduate Center maintains a sufficient supply of inventory.

The Graduate Center obtains hand sanitizer from Prfotech; the masks and gloves are ordered from Grainger. Gloves can also be obtained from Fischer Scientific if Grainger has a shortfall. 

Cleaning and engineering are contracted with a third-party firm (Collins/ CBS) that provides their staff with adequate PPE. The Director of Facilities monitors the contracted individuals and their proper usage of PPE.

The Graduate Center’s Director of Purchasing will monitor, no less frequent than monthly, supply levels with the vendors and adjust re-ordering strategies if needed.

Notification of Policy


The Graduate Center’s Coronavirus Campus Coordinator will work with the Office of Human Resources to notify faculty and staff of new workplace policies prior to the start of each phase in the plan, including awareness training on cleaning and disinfection along with proper use of PPE, and other precautionary measures. The New York State COVID-19 Response: Return to Work Training safety video, which includes proper use of PPE, is made available to and is required of all individuals wishing to access campus, per the phased plan.