Phased Campus Reactivation | Staged Reopening

The Graduate Center has made plans for a five-phased reactivation (reopening) of campus operations and activities. As always, the health and safety of all members of our community remain the top priority and will remain so as we implement the plan.


Transitioning Between Phases


The Graduate Center’s Campus Coronavirus Coordinator will oversee the implementation of the phased plan for the return to campus. Transitioning between phases will be condition-based, data driven and assessed through regular risk analysis.

Reopening (or reclosing stages in the event of an outbreak) will be based on up-to-date information about the health of The Graduate Center community and reported in daily liaison reports and in consultation, where appropriate, with:

  • The Graduate Center’s Emergency Planning Committee;
  • The Office of Facility Services and Campus Planning;
  • The Office of Public Safety and Security;
  • The Graduate Center’s Reactivation Committee;
  • CUNY’s Central Office via the Chancellery and Chief Operating Officer;
  • State and local health officials.

Transitioning between phases (forward or back) and any closure/reopening of the college requires approval of the President, the Provost and Senior Vice President, and the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration.

CUNY’s Guidelines for Safe Campus Reopening will guide the implementation of The Graduate Center’s phased reopening. While The Graduate Center, in line with CUNY, has all intentions to move forward and bring more activity back to campus over time, the plan allows for reversing, or reclosing, in the event of an outbreak.
We are going to closely monitor infection rates on campus. Following CUNY and State Guidelines, we will determine if campus closure is necessary or if we can scale back by defined phase(s). The ramp down response will follow the governance process outlined in the CUNY Guidelines for Safe Campus Reopening, Part 1, Section B.


Ramp-down Activities


Ramp-down activities align with the level of community spread, with minimal or moderate spread requiring higher levels of cleaning and potential closure. We will adhere to guidelines set by CUNY Central, City and State, including any bench marks set to measure COVID-19 infection rates on campus or in the community. Should data suggest that The Graduate Center scale back operations or consider closing decisions will be made in consultation with the Chancellery and Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer.
With a confirmed COVID-19 case on campus, the campus will consider a suspension of activities (respective of phase) for up to 7 days for areas in which the positive occupant was present (per CUNY Guidelines for Safe Campus Reopening, Section III. B) along with building and facility closure to clean and disinfect. The Graduate Center’s Campus Coronavirus Coordinator will also contact the NYS Contact Tracer Initiative in consultation with local/State officials. Shutdowns may involve rolling campuses closures (e.g. of 14–28 days) as required by internal and external monitoring criteria.
Extended closure is suggested with substantial community spread, defined by CDC as large-scale immunity transmission, healthcare staffing significantly impacted, and/or multiple cases within communal settings.