The Graduate Center Apartments (Housing)

Located at 165 East 118th Street, the eight-story Graduate Center Apartments complex offers bright, modern, airy, and affordable housing, as well as an easy commute to The Graduate Center for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and members of the faculty. The complex shares the plaza of CUNY’s East Harlem Campus with Hunter College’s School of Social Work.

Apartments are available through a 12-month license issued by the buildings managing agent. The license functions as a lease, except that a renter must maintain eligibility in order for it to remain in effect. Licenses may be renewed annually for students who remain in good academic standing.

The building is comprised of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments for students and one- or two- bedroom apartments for faculty. Student apartments are on floors one through six and faculty apartments are on floors seven and eight.

The Graduate Center and the managing agent work closely together in operating the building. While The Graduate Center’s COVID-19 policies and protocols apply to The Graduate Center Apartments, the managing agent is responsible for the day-to-day operations of apartment complex. We don’t envision a scenario where residents will be required to move out, given the reduced residency occupancy and the accommodation for isolation within the facility.

The Graduate Center has taken the following actions at the complex:

  • Accommodated student and faculty requests to terminate their license early;
  • Closed the lounge and exercise room;
  • Restricted access on the number of people who can use the laundry room;
  • Restricted gatherings and activities within the building;
  • Posted appropriate COVID-19 signage throughout the building;
  • Required appropriate social distancing of all residents and restricted visitor access;
  • Implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols;
  • Reduced apartment capacity as noted in the chart below:


Unit | Students Normal Occupancy COVID-19 Occupancy
Studio 1 1
One Bedroom 1 1
Two Bedroom | Two Bath 2 2
Three Bedroom | Two Bath 3 2
Four Bedroom | Two Bath 4 2

Faculty apartments are leased to either an individual or a family unit.

Apartment for Isolation or Quarantine


The Graduate Center has set aside two vacant apartments that can be used by residents who have reported COVID-19 symptoms and are undergoing isolation or quarantine. The reduced apartment capacity there is adequate space for individual undergoing isolation or quarantine if they have reported COVID-19 symptoms or have travelled to a high risk state designated by New York State.

Residence Travel


Any resident returning to the apartments or entering into a new license agreement who has been in a state that is designated by New York State as high risk, must quarantine for 14 days, in compliance with NYS and CUNY quarantine requirements.


Health and Wellness Access


Graduate Center students who reside in the apartments have access to the health and wellness services provided by The Graduate Center. Faculty members who reside in the apartments have access to wellness services provide through CUNY’s Employment Assistant Program, the CUNY Work/Life Program. Given that these are private residences, each with its own kitchen, there is no onsite food service. Any student who identifies food insecurity, the Office of Student Affairs will work with the student to provide access to a food pantry or other appropriate support services.