Nicholas Michelli Award Recognizes Social Justice Project in Cincinnati

The 2014 Nicholas Michelli Award for Promoting Social Justice, named to honor the work of Presidential Professor Nicholas Michelli (Urban Education), was presented to the Miami University Urban Teaching Cohort for a project in which students work with schools, community leaders, and families in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.  
The award was established by the National Network for Educational Renewal (NNER), the nation’s largest organization of partnerships between schools and universities engaged in improving the quality of education. It recognizes educators who are committed to enhancing the lives of students and their families.
“Social Justice, like democracy, is fragile and must be nurtured in each new generation,” says Michelli, who was the founding chair of NNER’s governing council and continues to serve as a member. “It is essential that we support and celebrate educators who do so.”
CUNY is a member of NNER. Last year, three Graduate Center students in urban education presented papers at the organization’s annual conference.

Submitted on: JAN 2, 2015

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