IT Alert: Intermittent telephone service to Grad Center

Attention GC community:

As noted on the GC website, incoming telephone service to the Graduate Center continues to be intermittent.  The root problem is a system failure at the interface between AT&T and Verizon, the two providers of telco service to the GC.  This failure is an outcome of the hurricane and impacts many customers beyond the GC.

We continue to urge resolution of the problem, but we are informed there are major system failures demanding higher priority, that no escalations are being accepted at this time and that no time estimate is available for resolution of our service issue.

Callers from different cell phone or land-line providers may experience varying levels of success in reaching the GC.  If you have access to multiple options, you may find that one is more successful than the other.

We will provide any meaningful updates as they become available –

Robert D. Campbell
Vice President for IT
CUNY Graduate Center

Submitted on: NOV 8, 2012

Category: IT - Alerts