De Blasio Downplays Grade-Fixing Scandal

New York Post, 6.29.15
David Bloomfield, a Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center education professor, pointed out the mayor was “misreading” history. “The history was to inflate scores,” he said. “With high stakes for both the student and the school, it became a system-wide policy.”

Certificate Programs Offer Opportunity For At-Risk Youth, 6.24.15
Opinion-editorial by Robert Cherry, the Stern Professor at Brooklyn College and CUNY Graduate Center.

6 Tips for Evaluating Local Schools Before Moving, 6.23.15
Principals come and go. School boundaries are sometimes re-written. Budgets allowing for enrichment are sometimes flush, sometimes not. What’s “hot” — a focus on STEM or the arts or dual language — can shift year-to-year. And the quality of teachers — even within one grade — can vary widely. “There's no school in the world where every class has a good teacher,” said David Bloomfield, an education professor at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate Center.

Nancy Foner, Hunter College & Graduate Center - Video

CUNY TV, City Talk, 6.17.15
Distinguished Professor Nancy Foner reminds us that while current immigrants are different - coming from different places - than earlier immigrants, they come for the same reasons: freedom from political strife, a better quality of life, economic opportunity, and a better future for their children.

Moving Wikipedia From Computer to Many, Many Bookshelves

The New York Times, 6.17.15
Michael Mandiberg, an interdisciplinary artist who teaches at the College of Staten Island and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, describes the project as half utilitarian data visualization project, half absurdist poetic gesture.

5 Big Benefits of Being a Doodler

The Huffington Post, 6.17.15
Jesse Prinz, a philosophy professor at City University of New York Graduate Center who studies doodling in the context of research on art, finds the practice is optimally suited for oral learning. He says doodling keeps people in a state of “pure listening."

Graduate Education Gets a Digital Makeover in New York City

Center for Digital Education, 6.12.15
The Graduate Center has spent the last five years rethinking how it prepares doctoral students and evaluating where technology can play a role in their education and works with students to who are helping the Graduate Center figure out how to create a cultural changes among its faculty, staff and students. Matthew K. Gold, associate professor of English and digital humanities, and advisor to the provost for digital initiatives is leading the effort.  One of the students to harness this technology in pursuit of scholarship is Micki Kaufman, a fifth-year doctoral student in the Department of History, who was recently honored for her digital scholarship winning the Lisa Lena Opas-Hanninen Young Scholar Prize for her project "Everything on Paper Will be Used Against Me:" Quantifying Kissinger.

The Myth of a White Minority

The New York Times, 6.11.15
Opinion-editorial by Richard Alba, a professor of sociology at the City University of New York Graduate Center, who is the author of “Blurring the Color Line: The New Chance for a More Integrated America."

Massive Registration in Pre-K Education

El Diario, 6.8.15
People must recognize that the Mayor has delivered what he promised with this massive registration.” Although there have been problems, there have been far fewer than predicted, "said David Bloomfield, a professor of Education at the CUNY Graduate Center and the Brooklyn College. "Some of the challenges to be seen is how to handle children with disabilities and those living in poverty."

Millennials May Turn the Tide Toward Unionization

The New York Times, 6.9.15
Opinion-editorial by Ruth Milkman, a professor of sociology at the CUNY Graduate Center, is the co-author of "Unfinished Business: Paid Family Leave in California and the Future of U.S. Work-Family Policy" and co-editor of "New Labor in New York: Precarious Workers and the Future of the Labor Movement."

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