The Thought Project - Episode 13 - Interview with Ruth Milkman

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photo of Ruth MilkmanThis week’s guest is Ruth Milkman a sociologist of labor and labor movements who has written on a variety of topics involving work and organized labor in the United States, past and present. Her most recent book is Unfinished Business: Paid Family Leave in California and the Future of U.S. Work-Family Policy (Cornell University Press, 2013), coauthored with Eileen Appelbaum. She has also written extensively about low-wage immigrant workers in the United States, analyzing their employment conditions as well as the dynamics of immigrant labor organizing. Milkman opines in this podcast on the Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees case before the US Supreme Court. She is  currently a Distinguished Professor of sociology at the Graduate Center, CUNY and also serves as the research director of the Joseph S. Murphy Institute for Worker Education and Labor Studies.

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Submitted on: FEB 26, 2018

Category: Sociology | The Thought Project