The Thought Project - Episode 47 - Interview with Camille Santistevan

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Photo of Camille SantistevanThe Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC) at The Graduate Center, CUNY is an internationally known center of excellence in interdisciplinary scientific research and discovery focused on five related areas: nanoscience, photonics, structural biology, neuroscience, and the environmental sciences. Located in Harlem, the ASRC has a mission to promote science in the public interest. Late last year, the ASRC opened its IlluminationSpace, a hands-on education center designed to enhance scientific understanding across New York City’s diverse communities. The IlluminationSpace offers an array of events and programs that make advanced scientific concepts accessible to ASRC visitors of all ages and backgrounds. To tell us more about the IlluminationSpace is Camille Santistevan, the associate director of public relations at the ASRC, who runs this this new and exciting STEM education space.

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Submitted on: MAR 19, 2019

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