Steve Romalewski on The Thought Project - Episode 85

This week's guest is Steve Romalewski, director of thhe CUNY Mapping Service at the Center for Urban Research at The Graduate Center. ​Romalewski  spearheads the Census 2020 project in partnership with civil rights groups and philanthropic foundations that are leading the effort to ensure a fair and accurate census count for especially "hard to count" communities. The Mapping Service contributes online maps to help census advocates and trusted partners to focus their outreach and educational efforts. In recent days, the coalition has adjusted its campaign in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, urging people to fill out the census form while at home.  Anyone can check response rates by accessing the digital maps created by the Mapping Service. This podcast was recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in the United States. 

The Census 2020 Hard to Count is available online​.

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Photo credit: Coralie Carlson

Submitted on: MAR 17, 2020

Category: CUNY Mapping Service | General GC News | The Thought Project