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Immigration Experts – The Graduate Center, City University of New York Faculty

New York, Feb. 22, 2017 — The Trump administration’s new immigration rules are still unfolding, but it’s clear they will have major implication for families, the U.S. economy, international relations, trade agreements, and the political and cultural landscape of our country. The Graduate Center, CUNY has some of the country’s most knowledgeable immigrations experts, and they are available to answer questions and provide perspective for articles or news segments you are preparing.
Richard Alba, Ph.D.,
is a Distinguished Professor of sociology. He focuses on the impact of assimilation on immigrant groups, as well as the opportunities and challenges inherent in demographic shifts and ethno-racially diverse workforces. ralba@gc.cuny.edu
Laird Bergad, Ph.D.,
is a Distinguished Professor of Latin American and Caribbean history. He is an expert on Latino immigration and culture in the U.S. LBergad@gc.cuny.edu
Heath Brown, Ph.D.,
is an assistant professor of public policy. He specializes in immigrant politics, the role of immigrant-serving nonprofit organizations, and anti-immigrant politics. Brown, who is director of policy at the Council of Graduate Schools, also has expertise in U.S. immigration policy regarding high-skilled workers. hbrown@jjay.cuny.edu
Margaret Chin, Ph.D.,
is an associate professor of sociology. She is an expert on immigrant families and work, with a special focus on Asian immigrants. mmchin@hunter.cuny.edu
Nancy Foner, Ph.D.,
is a Distinguished Professor of sociology. She focuses on the integration of immigrants in the U.S. and Western Europe; Islam as a barrier to immigration; immigration to New York City (including what makes New York exceptional as an immigrant city); and the way immigration has changed perceptions of race and ethnicity in the United States, including the meaning of whiteness. nfoner@hunter.cuny.edu
David Jaeger, Ph.D.,
is a professor of economics. He specializes in immigration and labor economics. DJaeger@gc.cuny.edu
Phillip Kasinitz, Ph.D.,
is a Presidential Professor of sociology. His focuses are immigration and citizenship in North America; the assimilation and experiences of first-generation Americans, and Caribbean immigrants. pkasinitz@gc.cuny.edu
John Mollenkopf, Ph.D.,
is a Distinguished Professor of political science. His expertise is in immigrant integration; the economic, social and political contributions of immigrant communities; and what city policies most affect immigrant communities. He can also speak about federal policymaking on issues such as citizenship naturalization. jmollenkopf@gc.cuny.edu
Robert Smith, Ph.D.,
is a professor of sociology. His expertise is in the areas of Mexican immigrants in NYC, DACA, and undocumented immigrations. Robert.smith@baruch.cuny.edu


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Submitted on: FEB 27, 2017

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