GC Launches 'Academically Speaking' Podcast

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Media contact: Tanya Domi, tdomi@gc.cuny.edu, 212-817-7283

The Graduate Center Launches
'Academically Speaking' Podcast

The semi-monthly feature will shed light on the veiled dissertation process

NEW YORK, March 24, 2017—The Graduate Center of the City University of New York today launched its first podcast series, “Academically Speaking,” which takes a close look at what Ph.D. students typically see as their biggest challenge: the dissertation.
The series explores planning, writing and defending dissertations through conversations between GC students and faculty members who serve as advisors. Each episode shines light on an issue that, despite its importance for graduate students everywhere, often remains shrouded in mystery until they begin the journey.
The first episode features Ph.D. psychology student Devin Heyward and Distinguished Professor Michelle Fine. The two explore critical psychology in the U.S.; Heyward’s dissertation work on racial becoming, racial identity, and DNA testing; advice for developing a good dissertation topic; and “academic polyamory”—or having multiple advisors.
“There is nothing more important in a Ph.D. student’s life than writing their dissertation after years of learning and research, leading to graduation,” said Tanya Domi, director of media relations for the GC. “One of the most important, crucial aspects of that process is the relationship between the student and their advisors. We wanted to tell and share these unique stories across the GC through the words of the students and faculty members.”
New episodes will be launched approximately twice a month. Future editions will address topics such as learning from students and faculty about advisor selection, developing a topic, and obstacles to writing.
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