GC Announces Provost’s Merit Scholarship for MALS Students

The GC has announced a new merit-based scholarship for students in the M.A. in Liberal Studies (MALS) program, with funding that covers 80 percent of in-state tuition costs for a 30-credit degree. 
The Provost’s Merit Scholarship is open to all applicants for the fall 2017 semester and beyond. It covers the equivalent of six credits for students’ first four semesters of study at the in-state rate.
The MALS program encourages cross-disciplinary work and allows students to take classes from throughout the GC’s Ph.D. and M.A. programs in the social sciences and humanities. Students can choose from more than 20 subject tracks, including Individualized Studies, which allows students to create their own course of study.
Applications to the MALS program are currently open. All applicants will be automatically considered for the scholarship.

Submitted on: APR 7, 2017

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