Ph.D. Candidate Lawrence Cappello: Keep Privacy Profitable

Lawrence CappelloDoctoral candidate Lawrence Cappello (History) underscores the need to keep privacy “profitable” in a new essay for The Hill, framing the current debate against the backdrop of 20th-century history.

“The presumption that we must ban any method of digital communication the government cannot access at will is a dangerous one,” Cappello writes. “If there is any hope for privacy at this crucial historical moment, it lies in privacy’s potential as a profitable venture for those with the clout and financial means to effect substantive change.

“By making full disk encryption illegal we make privacy a less viable commodity, and in doing so threaten this delicate balance the United States has only so recently achieved.”

Cappello’s work centers on 19th- and 20th-century American intellectual, political, and cultural history, particularly the history of privacy in the United States. He has also authored recent essays on privacy for The Atlantic and The Nation.

Submitted on: JAN 14, 2016

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