Library Purges Data, Draws Major Media Interest

The GC Library has attracted international media attention for purging its interlibrary loan records, part of an effort to address privacy protection.
There was “nothing burning that prompted” the purge, Chief Librarian Polly Thistlethwaite told The Guardian. It was instead best practice — and a sharp contrast to government and private industry procedure, the article notes.

Guilt by association with controversial books has a long history, Thistlethwaite said, with librarians a key defense in protecting readers of “heretical texts.”

“Most librarians would say that you are not what you read,” she said. “You are not the material you look at.”

The announcement, also spotlighted in WIRED, was driven by an insistence that “libraries should not keep more information about their users’ requests than necessary,” according to the GC’s Beth Posner, Head of Library Resource Sharing.

Submitted on: JAN 29, 2016

Category: General GC News | Student News