Ph.D. Student Publishes Prison Reform Essay in Foreign Affairs

In a prominent new essay for Foreign Affairs, Ph.D. student Jennifer Peirce (GC/John Jay, Criminal Justice) examines Nicaragua’s take on prison reform, and the lessons it may hold for Central America and beyond.   
The piece, titled “Jailhouse Blues,” concerns Nicaragua’s release of more than 8,000 prisoners on parole over the last two years, part of a “humanitarian measure” designed to address extreme overcrowding.
Although the government did not frame the release as a crime-reduction initiative, there is reason to believe that such measures, contrary to conventional assumptions, could help, according to Peirce.
“If Nicaragua’s prisoner release decision demonstrates anything, it’s that less incarceration can in fact be beneficial for both prisoners and the criminal justice system,” Peirce writes.
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Submitted on: MAR 24, 2016

Category: Criminal Justice | General GC News | Student News