Ph.D. Student Selected for Bloomberg’s ‘Data for Good Exchange’ Program

Ph.D. student Agustín Indaco (Economics) has been selected to participate in Bloomberg’s Data for Good Exchange 2016 (D4GX), a program that connects data scientists with nonprofits and municipalities to improve public welfare.
Indaco, whose research focuses on the intersection of applied econometrics, Big Data, and labor economics, will be hosted by the municipality of Miami. During his immersion days in the city, he will explore a data-driven problem and share his technical expertise.
“The Miami Beach City office is interested in seeing ways in which they can predict algal blooms, which can have harmful effects not only on tourism but also on the aquatic ecosystem,” Indaco said. “Using monthly data on water nutrient levels beginning in 1980, I will develop a machine learning model to predict cases of algal blooms in the Miami Beach coast. This model will help local officials address algal bloom cases before they materialize.” 
The award includes $20,000 in funding. Indaco is one of five Ph.D. students selected for the program.
Since 2014, he has worked with the GC’s Software Studies Initiative on the Inequaligram project, an analysis of 7.5 million Instagram images shared in Manhattan combined with census data.

Submitted on: OCT 4, 2016

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