GC Researcher Explores How ‘Night Mayors’ Can Boost Urban Economies

“Night czars” or “night mayors” are an emerging force in promoting urban nightlife and boosting economic growth in cities, according to a new essay in The Conversation coauthored by Katherine Newman, a visiting Fulbright researcher at the Graduate Center.

New Night Mayors Could Make Cities’ Dreams Come True — Here’s How” points to the recent hiring of London’s first night czar, as well as Amsterdam’s history of night mayors, which dates to 2003. Other cities with night mayors include Paris, Berlin, Sydney, and Zurich.
“The success of the night mayor — in any given city, and as a global phenomenon — rests on the capacity for a bustling urban nightlife to boost the local economy, by keeping people spending for longer,” Newman writes. “Vibrant nightscapes have also become a mark of cultural status for global cities.”
Newman studies political theory, political economy, and urban politics. Her doctoral research focuses on the nocturnal city and government of urban spaces at night.  


Submitted on: NOV 22, 2016

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