GC Students and Researchers Contribute to 'First Blacks in the Americas'

GC students and researchers played an important role in the development of “First Blacks in the Americas,” a bilingual archival resource developed by the CUNY Dominican Studies Institute, based at City College.
“First Blacks” is the first digital platform in academia that presents a comprehensive history of the Americas’ earliest African American inhabitants, who lived on the European colony of La Española. Their territory is shared today by the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Haiti.  
The project was led by Ramona Hernández, professor of sociology in City College’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership. Graduate and post-doctoral students from City College and the GC also participated in the development.

“This platform, several years in the making by our institute, is another milestone contribution to the effort to democratize access to historical information that belongs to all of us who live in the Americas,” said Hernández. 

Submitted on: DEC 15, 2016

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