WNYC Spotlights GC Student Affected by Immigration Ban

Doctoral student Saira Rafiee (Political Science), who was detained in Abu Dhabi and returned to Tehran in the wake of the executive order on immigration, spoke with WNYC this week about the experience.
“I’m a fortunate case here, because I had a home to go back to,” Rafiee said in the interview. "I had a union that was really supportive of me. The school was really supportive of me.”
Rafiee was granted re-entry to the United States after a sequence of last-minute court decisions. The GC helped connect her with legal assistance and has been monitoring the effects of the executive order on the GC community.
Provost Joy Connolly told WYNC that faculty were in touch with Rafiee shortly after the ban went into effect, helping make arrangements for online classes and other measures to minimize academic disruption.
Rafiee was greeted by Vice President for Student Affairs Matthew Schoengood, a legal team, and friends when she returned on Saturday. She was back at the GC on Monday.
“I don’t want my story to become a sensational story that people just feel sympathy,” she told WNYC. “I need them to use this sympathy to resist.”

Submitted on: FEB 8, 2017

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