Ph.D. Student Wins Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship

Ph.D. student Richard Smith (Psychology) was awarded a Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship, which provides three years of funding of $24,000 a year.
Smith was one of 60 doctoral students selected for the prestigious award. The fellowship is sponsored by the Ford Foundation and administered by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.
Smith’s research focuses on the intersection of racial identity, interpersonal experiences, and socioemotional and physical well-being. He is conducting research in collaboration with his mentor, Professor Daryl Wout (GC/John Jay, Psychology), on the project “How Perceptions of Group Membership Shape Physiological and Affective Responses to Rejection Feedback.” 
“I investigate the moderating role of racial identity as it pertains to experiences of discrimination, inter- and intra-group interactions, acceptance and rejection sensitivity, and psychophysiological outcomes,” Smith says on the Basic and Applied Social Psychology program’s student page. “Moreover, I am interested in seeing how these factors relate to one’s perception of and engagement in race-related social issues.”

Submitted on: MAY 2, 2017

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