A Winning Formula: Tai-Danae Bradley Cohosts Popular PBS Series

Graduate Center Mathematics Ph.D. student Tai-Danae Bradley is on PBSWhat happens if you multiply things that aren’t numbers?
Ph.D. student Tai-Danae Bradley (Math) poses that question on her first episode as a cohost of PBS Infinite Series, a YouTube channel dedicated to mathematics.
In the episode, Bradley covers multiplication properties including associativity and commutativity — topics that she explains with humor and ease. In just one week after airing on November 23, the episode attracted more than 61,000 views, 3,000 likes, and over 600 comments.
Before becoming the show’s cohost, Bradley had attracted a significant following on her blog, Math3ma, which, she explains “was originally created as a tool to help me transition from undergraduate to graduate level mathematics.” She adds, “Quite often, I find that the ideas of math are hidden behind a dense fog of formalities and technical jargon. Much of my transition process has been (and still is!) learning how to fight through this fog in order to clearly see the ideas, concepts, and notions which lie beneath.”
She plans to cover subjects from undergraduate- to research-level math in forthcoming episodes of the PBS series. Wondering about associahedrons, but afraid to ask? Tune in to Bradley’s next episode, where she will reveal all about the convex polytope.

Submitted on: NOV 29, 2017

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