Still Anxious? Top Tips from Four Graduate Center Professors, Administrators, and Alumni on How to Feel Better

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Many Graduate Center professors and alumni spend their careers studying the causes, management, and treatment of anxiety. Over the last two weeks, we’ve featured in-depth advice from four of them on how you can take care of yourself during a time when sources of stress seem inexhaustible.

In case you were too frazzled to catch the early editions, here are their top tips, all in one place:

Arielle Shanok
Arielle Shanok

1.  The Graduate Center’s Wellness Center offers a range of treatment, academic, and referral options. Can’t reach out by phone or text? Arielle Shanok, deputy director for Student Counseling Services, recommends paying close attention to what you need, whether that’s more social contact or more time alone, time outside or space to grieve. 

Massimo Pigliucci
Massimo Pigliucci

2. First-century Stoic philosopher Epictetus has some advice for you: a principle known as the dichotomy of control. Professor Massimo Pigliucci (GC/City College of New York, Philosophy), our resident Stoic, can tell you how to put that idea into practice by recognizing what we can and can’t control. 

Tracy Dennis-TiwaryTracy Dennis-Tiwary

3. You might want to consider leaning into, rather than away from, your anxiety. Professor Tracy Dennis-Tiwary (GC/Hunter, Psychology), author of the forthcoming book Future Tense: Making Anxiety Our Superpower, explains why anxiety is an evolutionary advantage, which in turn might help your heart stop racing. 

Maurice Vann
Maurice Vann

4. And no matter what, don’t forget to take care of yourself, especially if your job or your home life is devoted to taking care of others. Maurice Vann (Ph.D. ’20, Social Welfare) gives his advice on self-care, including avoiding all social media — with the exception of TikTok videos that make you laugh loud enough to disturb the neighbors.

Submitted on: OCT 27, 2020

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