A $300,000 Carnegie Corporation Grant Supports Online Teaching at The Graduate Center

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With a $300,000 grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York, The Graduate Center is launching a new initiative to support faculty who are teaching online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctoral students will provide consultation and support services to faculty to help them use best practices in distance education. 

“Distance education is now an essential modality in higher education,” said Robin L. Garrell, president of The Graduate Center. “With this grant, we can help our faculty develop and integrate the unique capabilities of online teaching and learning into their courses. We are very grateful to Carnegie Corporation for its generous support of our faculty, and of our mission to provide a transformative education to remarkable doctoral and master’s students. This grant lays the groundwork for excellent teaching that will have an impact for years to come.” ‚Äč

Graduate Center doctoral student fellows will provide one-on-one consultation, workshops, and support to help faculty expand and refine their approaches to teaching online. The fellows will advise faculty on areas such as best practices for remote collaboration, leading asynchronous discussions, designing assignments, creating inclusive class environments, adapting courses so that they are accessible to all learners, editing videos, and publishing scholarship digitally. 

The fellows, for example, might help faculty members create collaborative whiteboards, set up breakout rooms for seminar discussions, or encourage students to explore computer programming languages remotely. 

The fellows will be led by project director Matthew K. Gold and Graduate Center Teaching and Learning Center Director Luke Waltzer, in collaboration with the Teaching and Learning Center and GC Digital Initiatives teams. Fellows will also contribute to the resources on the GC Online website.

Submitted on: OCT 27, 2020

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