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Photo credits: Emmanuel Huybrechts, Eurico ZimbresSebastien Paquet. (CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0)



The following publications endeavor to support the Bildner Center's mission to further the understanding of contemporary issues in the Americas, create international dialogue on policy, and generate research on a range of topics that are both country and theme specific. 

From Planning to Market: A Framework for Cuba (2015)
The State and the Private Sector in Latin America (2015)
La agroindustria cañera cubana: transformaciones recientes (2015)
Reformando el Modelo Económico Cubano (2014)
The Brazilian State: Debate and Agenda (2011)
Coffee and Transformation in São Paulo, Brazil (2010)
Cultura y letras cubanas en el siglo XX (2010)
Café e Política: Ação da Elite Cafeeira na Política Paulista 1920-1930 (1988, Rev. 2010)
Nas trilhas da revolução (2008)
A Changing Cuba in a Changing World (2008)
CUBA: In Transition? Pathways to Renewal, Long-Term Development and Global Reintegration (2006)
The Cuban Republic and José Martí: Reception and Use of a National Symbol (2005)
Cuban Counterpoints: The Legacy of Fernando Ortiz
Integración Económica y Democratización: América Latina y Cuba (2004)
Reforming Brazil (2004)
Alexander von Humboldt: From the Americas to the Cosmos (2004)
Cuba Today: Continuity and Change since the 'Periodo Especial' (2004)
Transforming Brazil: A Reform Era in Perspective (2003)
Charting a New Course: The Politics of Globalization and Social Transformation (2001)
Integración Económica y Democratización: America Latina y Cuba (1998)
Bildner World: Bulletin of the Bildner Center, 2003-2004
Coffee, Contention, and Change in the Making of Modern Brazil (1990)