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Bildner Western Hemisphere Studies Book Series

Reforming Brazil

(Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2004).
Edited by Mauricio A Font and Anthony Peter Spanakos
with the assistance of Cristina Bordin

For years, successive governments in Brazil grappled with the vexing issues of unequal distribution of wealth and runaway inflation. In the 1990s, long-overdue reforms began to help tame inflation, streamline bloated and ineffective government and address chronic social ills. But problems and questions remain: Why is Brazil still so poor, and why is inequality so intransigent? Were some reforms counter-productive, or could they have been implemented better?

Reforming Brazil is a thought-provoking examination of these and other important issues facing Brazil today, from privatization and agrarian reform to entrepreneurial programs and hemispheric integration. Written by 11 Brazilianist scholars from a range of disciplines and intellectual traditions, the book offers compelling new insights for international policymakers, economists and scholars of Brazil.

To preview Reforming Brazil click here to download pdf version of Mauricio Font's introduction Dawn of a New Era.


Part I: Introduction
Dawn of a New Era
Mauricio A. Font
1. The Reform Agenda
Anthony Peter Spanakos

Part II: Reforms
2. Monetary and Fiscal Reforms
Eliana Cardoso
3. Privatization: Reform through Negotiation
Maria Hermínia Tavares de Almeida
4. Social Policy Reform
Sônia Draibe
5. Agrarian Reform
Anthony Pereira
6. Political Reform: The "Missing Link"
David Fleischer

Part III: Institutions, Actors, and Regional Context
7. Competitive Federalism and Distributive Conflict
Alfred Montero
8. Industrialists and Liberalization
Peter Kingstone
9. Entreprenueurs: The PNBE
Eduardo Rodrigues Gomes and Fabrícia C. Guimarães
10. Working-Class Contention
Salvador Sandoval
11. Brazil and Hemispheric Integration
João Paulo Machado Peixoto


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