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John Hudesman
Position: Senior Principal Investigator
Over the last ten year John Hudesman has been part of a group of faculty and staff from the GSUC and New York City College of Technology that has been working on the relationship between self-regulated learning (SRL), metacognition and academic achievement. John is currently developing a prototype online system that integrates self-regulation and formative assessment with academic content. John is also in the beginning stages of developing an online computerized CBT system that is geared towards minority college students.

Current Research Projects
  1. Using Formative Assessment and Self-Regulated Learning to Help Developmental Mathematics Students Achieve: A Multi-Campus Program
  1. An Enhanced Formative Assessment and Self-Regulated Learning Program: From the Classroom to the Workplace
  1. Using an Enhanced Formative Assessment Program and Self-Regulated Learning to Improve Developmental Mathematics Achievement
  1. The Use of Self-Regulated Learning, Formative Assessment, and Mastery Learning to Assist Students Enrolled in Developmental Mathematics: A Demonstration Project