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Identifying Best Practices for Implementing the Common Core Learning Standards in New York State

Identifying Best Practices for Implementing the Common Core Learning Standards in New York State is a 3 year, 4 million dollar project that concluded in March 2016 investigating implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards across New York State. Eight school districts, including NYC, were selected across the state for participation. Extensive case studies were conducted in the districts, involving  multiple site visits, interviews, focus groups, surveys, document review and classroom observations.
This multi-case study design relied on a mixed-methods approach to examine two overarching research questions: (1) What is the fidelity of the implementation of the Common Core? and (2) What are the district, school, and teacher-level best practices of the Common Core? These two themes were explored in three overarching areas: capacity-building activities that supported CCLS; changes and shifts in curriculum and instruction related to CCLS implementation; and district level outcomes. District and Cross-Case study analytic reports included examination of numerous areas within the district, such as professional development, use of resources, teacher collaboration, leadership practices, data use and data driven instruction, communication within the district, adaptation for special populations, such as special education and English language learners, curriculum, instruction, and assessment practices, student and teacher impacts, as well as a detailed history of the CCLS rollout within the district.
This statewide study was commissioned by the New York State Education Department and conducted by an independent evaluation group at the Center for Advanced Study in Education (CASE) at the CUNY Graduate Center. Collaboration with faculty and graduate students from the Educational Psychology and Urban Education departments at The Graduate Center, as well as a research team at SUNY Albany and a Survey Research Group at Baruch College supported the conduct of this study.

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