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Bert Flugman
Position: Senior Principal Investigator
Phone: (212) 817-1825
Bert Flugman is a Senior Research Fellow and a member of the Ph.D. Program in Education Psychology at the Graduate Center, of the City University of New York.  Previously he served as Director of CASE. In his capacity as Director of CASE, he supervised the development and implementation of over 200 externally sponsored research and development projects. In addition, he was actively involved as a researcher in the evaluations of such projects as: A Program to Create Systemic Change in Math and Science Education in New York City; The New York City Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation in Mathematics, Science and Technology; The Northeast Regional Technology in Education Consortium to Support Instructional Technology in Schools; The CUNY Consortium for Effective Leadership School Principal Development Program; The Use of Computer Assisted Guidance and Information Systems in New York City Schools; A Science Museum’s Contribution to the Preparation of Science Teachers (the CLUSTER Model), Mathematics Across the Middle School Mathematics, Science and Technology Curriculum (MSTP), Reading Rescue: A Tutoring Intervention for Struggling Readers and Enhancing Mathematics Achievement Using Formative Assessment and Self-Regulation.

In his current position as Senior Research Fellow he is: supervising the completion of an NSF grant aimed at developing the teaching competencies of STEM doctoral students; evaluating the development of videotapes used for training STEM college faculty in conducting entrepreneurship simulations in their classrooms; participating in a feasibility study of implementing home visiting programs to enhance infant and early childhood development.