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CASE provides a variety of different services including, but not limited to, professional development, program development, and research and evaluation. Both formative and summative program evaluation efforts play a key role at CASE. Working with a variety of program developers and funders, CASE researchers gather and analyze implementation and outcome data, and perform rigorous quantitative and qualitative analyses in support of program improvement. CASE works closely with program implementation teams and researchers to publish and disseminate our findings. Additional services include:

- Generating cutting-edge, theory-driven research covering a range of educational initiatives;
- Ongoing school-based technical assistance;
- Offering advice and guidance to educators on the use of data to inform curriculum implementation and program improvement;
- Identifying opportunities to learn about research and participate in current studies;
- Offering assistance in designing and developing innovative educational programs and models;
- Providing service-learning institutes for school administrators and teachers; and
- Designing and developing innovative assessment tools for student, teacher, school, and program evaluation.