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ActKnowledge, an affiliate organization of the Center for Human Environments, is an action research organization dedicated to working with community organizations, not-for-profits, foundations and government agencies that are transforming traditional institutions and creating social change. We work with these organizations as partners in a research process aimed at achieving a better understanding of the process and impacts of programs and policies. As part of our goal of contributing to bodies of knowledge and affecting policy, we work with our partners to find the most useful ways to disseminate lessons.

ActKnowledge works closely with community initiatives, through their staff and participants, to understand their work and the context in which their work occurs. As environmental psychologists, we recognize the importance of capturing the social, historical, political and spatial/physical environments in which problems are embedded and solutions are to be found. Our research and recommendations for practice explore and explicitly address these issues.

ActKnowledge provides research, technical assistance and capacity building in the areas of youth development, community development, public-private partnerships, education, economic development, housing and crime prevention. We employ a variety of methodologies which integrate qualitative and quantitative techniques, including advanced statistical analyses, computer mapping and video technology.