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Developmental Studies Research Group

The Developmental Studies Research Group (DSRG) has focused its attention especially on the social and cognitive development of children at risk in the U.S. and in international contexts. DSRG Director Colette Daiute has done research on children's social conflicts, conflict resolution, children's development in war and post-war contexts, children's rights, literacy development, writing, and uses of interactive technology. Working from the perspective of socio-historical activity theory, Dr. Daiute is especially interested in children's participation in social and intellectual practices as influenced by political and economic factors.

Professor Daiute's recent research on young people's understandings of conflict and collective action in the former Yugoslavia was funded by the US Institute of Peace, with additional support from the National Council of Teachers of English. Her book reporting on some of the findings from this research is entitled Human Development and Political Violence (Cambridge University Press, 2010).

In 2013-2014, Professor Daiute, with graduate and undergraduate student research assistance, has been at work on a project funded by the Spencer Foundation, "Community college as an agent of change in the early 21st century immigration crisis."