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M.A. Track

Explore Jewish Studies in an Integrated Curriculum

An Exciting Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS)

The innovative Jewish Studies track in the MALS Program is designed for students with an undergraduate degree who seek to explore Jewish culture, history, religion and society within the framework of an interdisciplinary Masters’ Program. Jewish Studies is by definition a multi-disciplinary intellectual endeavor, yet most Jewish Studies programs function in isolation. The Jewish Studies track in the MALS Program is singular in offering an integrated curriculum. In MALS students situate what they are studying in a larger intellectual setting by studying Jewish subjects vis-à-vis related issues, whether thematic, geographical or chronological.

Course of Study: Modular curriculum
The Jewish Studies track consists of modules, in which each Jewish Studies course is paired with a complementary course in MALS. For example, a course in Jewish film is paired with a course in European or American film; a course in Jewish Thought with a course in Western Intellectual Traditions, a course on Jewish Women with a course in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Students will work with a faculty advisor to create a curriculum that suits their individual intellectual agenda, including an appropriate thesis topic.

Students begin the program by taking two “foundational” courses. The first is a course that interests the student, the second can be “fieldwork,” a research paper or another appropriately rigorous academic activity.


CUNY boasts a rich faculty in Jewish Studies in multiple disciplines located across the system.


The Jewish Studies track in MALS is appropriate for a variety of students. Students who wish to prepare for a doctoral program will be able to pursue their own interests within a broad program. Professionals (teachers, librarians, archivists, social workers) who want an MA in Jewish Studies will be able to tailor a curriculum to their particular needs. Life-long learners will find themselves immersed in a rigorous and challenging program.

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