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Census 2020 Response Rate Analysis: Final Overview


Prepared October 18, 2020

Slides from this presentation are displayed below. A PDF version of the presentation is also available.

Highlighted topics:

  • Latest self-response rates at the early end (10/15) of the data collection period.
  • Overview of self-response rates throughout the extended timeframe and trends impacting those rates.
  • Increase in number of states and other areas meeting or surpassing 2010 goalpost rates.
  • Important demographic shifts in tracts with the lowest rates (requiring most door-knocking follow up): fewer people who are Hispanic or immigrants, and fewer renter households. But overall population in "bottom 20%" tracts are still disproportionately people of color, foreign-born, lower income, etc.
  • Response rates by predominant race/Hispanic origin in census tracts across cities by size & rural/suburban/urban areas (including tribal lands).
  • Key takeaways and final thoughts.

Links to analyses from prior weeks:

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Center for Urban Research

at the Graduate Center, City University of New York

All work and materials are supported by a grant from the 2020 Census Project

and developed in partnership with the Leadership Conference Education Fund.