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Census 2020 Response Rate Analysis during NRFU


Prepared September 21, 2020

Slides from this presentation are displayed below. A PDF version of the presentation is also available.

Highlighted topics:

  • Latest self-response rate trends during the door-knocking operation, including efforts to boost response such as the Census Bureau's "7th mailing;"
  • "Total" response rates by state, and what they can and cannot tell us;
  • Nonresponse follow-up (NRFU) "completion" rates by Area Census Office, including examples of decreasing completion rates; and
  • How we've mapped these rates and displayed them on our online HTC/Response Rate map, and examples of interpreting all three rate metrics together.

Links to analyses from prior weeks:

For more information, contact:

Center for Urban Research

at the Graduate Center, City University of New York

All work and materials are supported by a grant from the 2020 Census Project

and developed in partnership with the Leadership Conference Education Fund.