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New Career Exploration Brochures Produced by NYCLMIS and Grant Associates with the New York City Department of Education

American public education is undergoing a paradigm shift in the way students are exposed to career options and prepared for the world of work. Because of the 21st century transformation of the labor market, it has become critical that educational systems develop and implement a more thoughtful, systemic approach. The Office of Postsecondary Readiness (OPSR) at the New York City Department of Education – which houses New York City’s CTE program – is leading this transformation in City schools.

As part of these efforts, NYCLMIS and Grant Associates created eight career pathway brochures for youth and young adults to explore opportunities in some of New York City’s top industries. Moving forward, there will be additional brochures; together, they will be a part of a larger effort to infuse career exploration and preparation into New York City public school students’ academic experiences.

The brochures incorporate up-to-date and accessible labor market data and industry-vetted sector descriptions in a style that is engaging to students and helps them to envision their future. The goal of the project is to open students’ eyes to the thousands of jobs unknown to those outside the industry, to strengthen their understanding of the requirements for different jobs, and to reinforce the idea that increased levels of education, training, and experience lead to advancement, higher salaries, and broader opportunities for career fulfillment. The eight brochures created to date are:

FEEDBACK: Please tell us about how you’re using the brochures and/or give us feedback on how they can be further improved.


Submitted on: SEP 27, 2013

Category: Center for Urban Research