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Despite its recent prosperity, New York City confronts a crisis of deepening economic inequality. In particular, the loss of middle-skill jobs and a decline in the urban wage premium is affecting many urban centers, including New York City.

The inaugural conference on Building an Inclusive Economy in New York City: Contributions from Higher Education and Research, held on Thursday, January 17, 2019, attracted a diverse group of over 200 attendees from government, business, philanthropy, nonprofits, and academia who operate in higher education and research settings.

The conference brought together these stakeholders to discuss the growing inequality in New York City and the decreasing access to opportunities for upward mobility; highlight the role of higher education and research in addressing these challenges; and explore multi-sector approaches to mitigating these developments and promoting a truly inclusive economy.

A summary of the event proceedings and major themes surfaced throughout the day is available in this conference report.

NYCLMIS thanks the JPMorgan Chase Foundation for making this event possible.