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Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

UPDATE:  International Fellows Programs

Announcing the 2020 Senior International Fellows

Analía Bettoni (Montevideo, Uruguay); Mariana de Góes Borges (Brasilia, Brazil); Daniela Castagno (Rome, Italy); Rosa Gallego (Madrid, Spain); and Carmen Rodríguez (Madrid, Spain).  Learn more about the Fellows and their planned  research topics.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Senior Fellows Program​—initially scheduled to begin on April 15—has been postponed.  Please check back here for further updates.

About the 2020 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program
Thank you to all who responded to the call for applications for the 2020 Emerging Leaders Program applications.  The submissions are under review, and we anticipate that the selected applicants will be announced in due course.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its unfolding consequences globally, the status of the program is under discussion , with particular attention to scheduling and format, but with final decisions pending. Next steps are dependent on a number of factors including decisions by New York State and the University, as well as national and international determinations about travel and the availability of visas.  

We appreciate your patience and flexibility in the current situation, and look forward to providing more specific information as we gain a better sense of what is in store in the coming months. 

Featured Research

Sustaining Civil Society book cover
Leadership and the Lifecycles:
Reflections on Community Foundations in New Zealand and Australia
Marion Webster and Mark Bentley

New Report!

Sustaining Civil Society book cover
Sustaining Civil Society:
Lessons from Five Pooled Funds in Eastern Europe
Barry Gaberman, Merrill Sovner, and William Moody

 The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society is committed to strengthening civil society through education, research, and leadership training.
An integral part of The Graduate Center (GC), the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (Center) focuses on giving, volunteerism, and nonprofit entrepreneurship by individual donors, foundations, and corporations in the United States and around the world.

The Center works to link academic approaches with practitioner needs.  Under the leadership of director Kathleen D. McCarthy, its signature International Fellows Programs (Senior International Fellows Program and Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program) for scholar-practitioners presently counts over 224 alumni from 67 countries across 6 continents. The program’s alumni have gone on to found new associations and foundations, create university courses and research centers, establish fellowships in philanthropy, and staff and lead many of the institutions and programs spearheading the globalization of modern philanthropy. Program alumni present and publish widely in the field of civil society, helping to create a literature on the field in their own languages. 

Other Center projects include:
  • multidisciplinary seminars on civil society for CUNY faculty and advanced graduate students
  • global research and edited volumes on women and philanthropy
  • multi-volume series to help integrate philanthropy as a topic in college and university curricula and to enhance nonprofit professionals' knowledge in the areas of development and fundraising.
The Center supports GC students via research/travel awards and William Randolph Hearst Graduate Assistantships intended for women and minority students working in philanthropy, civil society, international development and global studies.