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2021 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program -- Recommendation Form

Thank you for agreeing to forward a letter of recommendation in support of an applicant to the 2021 Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program.

Please include in your letter the following:

  • how you know the applicant;
  • your opinion on whether the applicant would be an asset to the program;
  • your thoughts on whether the program would be of benefit to the applicant in furthering the field of philanthropy. 
  • strengths and capabilities

If you are in a position to do so, please indicate whether you believe that the applicant has appropriate language skills to participate in a professional level program conducted in English. 

Kindly sign your letter on official letterhead; complete the online form below; and upload your letter of reference. Alternatively, you may forward the letter as an e-mail attachment to

Thank you.

* indicates required field.

I certify that I, the referee, have written or approved the attached letter of recommendation for submission.*: