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Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program 2018 -- Program Description

Program description
  • The Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program will run from Monday October 1 through Friday November 30, 2018.
  • The program focus will be community foundations, place-based giving, and local grantmaking, set within the context of an increasingly global philanthropic sector.  Additional trends and practices in philanthropy will be covered to provide background and to address the research interests of all participating Fellows.
  • Drawing on seminars, readings, discussions with leaders in the field, and the Fellows' own experiences, each participant will produce a strategy paper with recommendations for the development, adaptation or expansion of community grantmaking or another approved topic. It is expected that these recommendations will consider the variety of experiences around the globe, and will reflect the particular political, social, economic and legal frameworks in the Fellows' home countries.

Eligibility and selection

Application form

Queries about the program should be addressed to 
Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society.