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Continuing a Commitment to the Higher Education Option: Model State Legislation, College Programs, and Advocacy Organizations that Support Access to Post-Secondary Education for Public Assistance Recipients
Charles Price and Tracy Steffy with Tracy McFarlane
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State Power, Suburban Interests, and City School Reform: A Nine-State Comparative Study Howard Samuels Center
 Howard Samuels Center
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Empowerment Zones: An Opportunity Missed A Six-City Comparative Study
Marilyn Gittell, Kathe Newman, Francois Pierre-Louis
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Community Colleges Addressing Student’s Needs: A Case Study of LaGuardia Community College
Marilyn Gittell and Tracy Steffy
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Welfare Reform and the College Option: A National Conference: A Summary of Conference Proceedings
Charles Price
Welfare Reform and the College Option: A National Conference A Summary of Conference Proceeding
September 24-25,
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Women Creating Social Capital and Social Change: A Study of Women-led Community Development Organizations
Marilyn Gittell, Isolda Ortega-Bustamante, Tracy Steffy
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The Politics of Community Development: CDCs and Social Capital
Marilyn Gittell, Kathe Newman, Isolda Ortega-Bustamante, Francois Pierre-Louis
Redefining Education Regimes and Reform: The Political Role of Governors
Marilyn Gittell, Laura McKenna A reprint from Urban Education

The Benefits of College Attendance: A Case Study of BMCC
Marilyn Gittell and Tracy Steffy
Empowerment Zone Implementation: Community Participation and Community Capacity
Marilyn Gittell and Kathe Newman
A Survey of Services to Immigrant Populations at the City University of New Yorkand Immigrant Research by CUNY Faculty
Marilyn Gittell and Carol Archer
Expanding Civic Opportunity: Urban Empowerment Zones
Marilyn Gittell, Kathe Newman, Janice Bockmeyer, Robert Lindsay A Reprint from Urban Affairs Review,

Building Civic Capacity: Best CDC Practices
Marilyn Gittell and Kathe Newman & Isolda Ortega
The New Education Regime: The Role of Governors and their Conservative Direction For Education
Marilyn Gittell and Laura McKenna
The Capacity of Grassroots Groups in the Environmental Movement
Marilyn Gittell and Sarah Gardner

Creating Social Capital at CUNY: A Comparison of Higher Education Programs for AFDC Recipients
Marilyn Gittell, Kirk Vandersall, Jennifer Holdaway, Kathe Newman
Regimes and Reform: State Politics and Urban School Reform: Preliminary Findings
Marilyn Gittell and Kirk Vandersall
The Urban Empowerment Zones: Community Organizations and Community Capacity Building
Marilyn Gittell, Janice Bockmeyer, Robert Lindsay & Kathe Newman
Why Good Students Leave CUNY
Marilyn Gittell and Jennifer Holdaway with Laura McKenna

Expanding the Women’s Activist Agenda: Uniting Activists, Researchers, Funders and Policymakers: Summary of Conference Proceedings
October 16-17, 1995
Testimony of Dr. Marilyn Gittell before the Committee on General Welfare of the New York City Council
September 20, 1995
The Family College at the City University: An Evaluation Report 1995

School Reform in New York and Chicago: Revisiting the Ecology of Local Games
by Marilyn Gittell A Reprint from Urban Affairs Quarterly,
The Difference Gender Makes:Women in Neighborhood Development Organizations
Marilyn Gittell and Sally Covington with Jill Gross
Race and Gender in Neighborhood Development Organizations
Marilyn Gittell, Jill Gross & Kathe Newman

Achieving Excellence with Equality: The Federal Role
Marilyn Gittell
Testimony prepared for the Senate Committee on Labor and Human Resources, August 3, 1993
Building Human Capital: The Impact of Post-Secondary Education on AFDC Recipients In Five States
Marilyn Gittell, Jill Gross and Jennifer Holdaway
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Higher Education in JOBS: An Option or an Opportunity?: A Comparison of Nine States
Marilyn Gittell and Sally Covington
Special Programs in American Colleges & Universities for Low-Income Women
Compiled by the Howard Samuels State Management and Policy Center
From Welfare to Independence: The College Option
Marilyn Gittell with Margaret Schehl and Camille Fareri