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Fellowship Opportunities for Art History Students


The Samuel H. Kress Foundation supports merit scholarships for graduate students in Art History and Archaeology.

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The Latin/Greek Institute
Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Katherine Lu Hsu, Director

Suklima Roy, Program Manager

Rita Fleischer, Director of Alumni Relations


Latin Greek Institite - The Graduate Center, CUNY

Kress Foundation Fellowships

The Samuel H. Kress Foundation has supported a series of competitive fellowships to the Latin/Greek Institute to exceptional art history graduate students at Ph.D.–granting colleges and universities. Fellowship support consists of a $3,000 grant to be applied towards tuition. Preference will be given to recently accepted graduate students with a proposed focus on the history of European art.

The Latin/Greek Institute will submit its annual proposal for fellowship support to the Kress Foundation in the Spring. Qualified art history graduate students who would like to be included in the proposal for a Kress Fellowship should submit the following items:

  • The application for an Institute program, along with all required transcripts
  • An updated academic C.V. 
  • A research statement that discusses your previous training, your current research, and how an intensive course in Latin or Greek will support your future research agenda

All materials must be received in order to be included in the proposal. If you intend to apply for a Kress Fellowship, please be in touch with the LGI office well before the deadline. 

Materials should be sent in PDF form by email to Ms. Suklima Roy.
At the conclusion of the program, all Kress Foundation Fellows are required to submit a report on their summer at the LGI, including their plans to use Latin or Greek in the future.