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Caroline Batzdorf

Assistant Office Director, Luxembourg Income Study Center, Graduate Center
Director of Development, LIS

Telephone: (212) 817-1874
Fax: (212) 817-1674
Office: 6203.06

Associated GC Students and Researchers

  • Natascia Boeri, Sociology, doctoral candidate
  • Nathaniel Johnson, Economics, doctoral student
  • Sarah Kostecki, Political Science, doctoral student
  • Laurie Maldonado, Social Welfare – UCLA, doctoral student
  • Emily Nell, Sociology, doctoral student
  • Berglind Hólm Ragnarsdóttir, Sociology, doctoral candidate
  • Andrew Wilkes, Political Science, doctoral student
  • Annette Jacoby, Sociology, doctoral student

Telephone: (212) 817-1873
Office: 6203.05 & 6203.03

Sponsors and Supporting Organizations

Graduate Center
Ford Foundation
National Science Foundation
World Bank